Latest News Updates : Bishop Okpalaeke and Ahiara Diocese

Latest News Updates : Bishop Okpalaeke and Ahiara Diocese | hello daily readers , use the Comment box below to make your own suggestion and Please Remember that Obaship is here to serve you even better.Latest News Updates : Bishop Okpalaeke and Ahiara Diocese

 Latest News Updates : Bishop Okpalaeke and Ahiara Diocese

Since This Okpalaeke Trend,.. I Had Chats With Most Of My F.b Catholic Friends And I Ask Them One Simple Question “Do You Know The Procesure/process Of Chosing A Bishop”? Their Answer Will Be “No” After Arguing They Have Been Catholics Since Birth,.. Mass Server For 50 Year’s Etc.
It Is Very Shameful And Sad ,.. Many That Had The Opportunity To Talk One On One With Me Tend To Really Understand Exactly What The Problem Is,..
And That Is Why Sometimes They Leave Catholic Church Empty! They Know Absolutely Nothing,.. But You See Them Beating Their Chest That They Know Catholic Like They Know Their Skin,.. And When Arguments Or Discussion Or Debate Or Even Questions Spring Up,.. You Won’t Even Know What To2 Say.
People Say That There Are Mbaise Priests Scattered Everywhere
These Same People Doesn’t Even Know There Are Different Types And Categories Of Priests
We Have Diocesan Priests
We Have The Priests Of The Congregation
But How Would You Know??
That Is By The Way
The Only Thing I Want To Add In This Okpalaeke Thing Is;
These Our Greedy Priests And Brothers That Want To Follow Some People To Collect One Plate Of Yam Porridge,.. Becareful Because “Ozu Shiwe Ushi,.. Enyi Ka Nwanne Alaa” Think About The Fate Of Mbaise , The Next 20 Years Before You Decide Which Camp To Join,.. Besides,.. It’s Possible That After Betraying Your Brothers,.. You Will Still Be Denied That Plate . Porridge. By Then Your Case Will Become That Of Usu Who Has No Camp. – Online User

He who has ears let him hear,
My response on Fr. Nwamairo’s fb Page on the issue of Bishop Okpalaeke and Ahiara Diocese

I do not agree with the notion to reassign Bishop Okpalaeke, No one can controvert the fact that Bishop Chikwe Begot me like a son he is well pleased, and the Last time I saw him in my dreams he was very sad over the developments and he asked me to tell those priests to respect theselves and respect the church. The Bishop of God said I should inform all, I went to the diocese and saw father Ezekwe and he directed me to the administartor Mon. Theo Nwalo, I met Mon Theo Nwalo then but apparently he did not take heed of the charge.

The pope has spoken, every good catholic must understand that the pope is the head of church of God and is in the stead of Christ on earth. Whatever is the circumstance that led to Bishop Okpaleke:s consecretion must be respected.

Everybody must take heed before the dark clouds envelopes our land. I speak not of myself and father you know I was very close to Bishop Chikwe – Online User

The Pope’s order is clear and his authority as the earthly head of the Roman Catholic Church is not disputable.
If a clique among the clergy and the laity within Ahiara Diocese feel they have reasons not to obey the Pope, it is their right, but they cannot remain in the Roman Catholic Church. If they argue that the Church is owned by Christ and not the Pope, then, they must leave the organization that the Pope controls. They must move out of the Roman Catholic Church with all of their people and possibly set up a new church with a new Pope, maybe, a superintending bishop. The church must adopt some traditional practices peculiar to the Mbaise people.
If I were the Pope or his advisers, I will close up Ahiara diocese and merge them with Owerri Archdiocese, create a new diocese for Ngor-Okpala with some other areas and deploy Bishop Okpalaeke to that diocese. The Pope can also convert the Ahiara cathedral to either a school or a convent.
It remains unfortunate, that a people reputed for their wisdom could allow a clique of selfish people to so destroy their reputation and make them look so clannish, inconsiderate and unwelcoming.

I saw this somewhere and decided to repost. The original post is from the Facebook wall of Comr Wilson Does-it. He wrote:

“Emmanuel Chukwuma, Anglican Bishop of Enugu Diocese is from Delta State.

Emeritus Catholic Archbishop Gbuji of Enugu Archdiocese is from Delta State.

Emeritus Bishop Gregory Ochiagha of Orlu Diocese is from Mbano.

Emeritus Bishop Unegbu of Owerri Archdiocese is from Arondizuogu.

Onitsha Archdiocese was created in 1885. Since then no Onitsha man has been Archbishop. Awka archdiocese was created in 1978. Since then, no Awka man has been Archbishop.

If the Mbaise priests insist on disobeying the Pope and rejecting Bishop Okpalaeke because he is from Anambra, then the Ahiara diocese should be collapsed back into the Owerri Archdiocese and the renegade priests excommunicated and derobed.

The Roman Catholic Church is over 2000 years old, has rules and one infinitesimal diocese cannot continue holding faithfuls to ransome. – Online User

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